A Time Has to Come (With Apologies to Blodwyn Pig)

Dear Lord please let this trial pass. A time has come to change. If you lift this burden from me I’ll never kill again. I thought I was doing your work. I thought sinners had no place on this earth. Now that I am a sinner myself, I now know that I should not have done what I did in Your name.

A man has to change. Some things around me keep moving, some things keep the same. If You will remove this dark cloud from over me I will do right until I lay myself down at my judgment. I got no more in me to fight the good fight.

I entered this town three days ago and proceeded to dispatch the sinner who called himself Boyd. But after, as he lay in the street and his wife and children gathered round him, I thought for the first time that I may be doing wrong.

I am now scheduled for the scaffold at first light. Oh, please. oh please my Lord I do not want to die. Like the sea and the tide I kept moving. Now I am to go the way of all those I have killed. As I’ve said, a time has to come when a man will change and take the road that will clear a troubled mind. Oh Lord help me stand up and face what I have done.

Yes, my time has come. Thank you my Lord for showing me the way. This day I will be with you in heaven.


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