Top ten great reasons to get older. Plus RESOLUTION by Andrew Joyce #TuesdayBookBlog #Western

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The advantages of geezerhood Every time I go to New York, I learn something new. Last time, I learned that I’m one of these people. PRIORITY SEATING: Please offer your seat to a pregnant woman. Unless she’s wearing a Red Sox hat. I know that because every single time I…


Once upon a time—in my far distant youth—I travelled the rails. I rode boxcars. Always by myself, but once I met up with a man named Jake and he tried to teach me the ways of the professional hobo. One night after hitting a small town in Texas, he took me out foraging for food. […]


There are many antagonists in Resolution. Here are three of the more prominent: 1) Murderers, 2) Wolves, and 3) the most dangerous—the extreme Yukon cold when it’s seventy degrees below zero. Murderers: Huck, tiring of the conversation, picked up the bottle and filled his and Molly’s glasses. Jass’ was still full. “Alright, Mister Knight, how […]