The Preacher

Standing in the graveyard grass, staring down at the freshly filled grave, stood The Preacher, dressed in black, wearing his black, circular wide-brim hat. As yet, there was no headstone, but The Preacher knew the name of the occupant. Five days before, he had murdered his brother, the man who now lay under his feet. […]


I’m not sure if this really happened, or it was just a bad dream. Either way, it made a powerful impression on my young soul. Michael row the boat ashore . . . sister help to trim the sails . . . the River Jordan is chilly and cold . . . chills the body […]

Just Trying To Get Home

Remember the Hermosa Beach story (posted 1/23/2023) when I got arrested in San Diego? Well, this is what happened right after John and I split up. I wanted out of California. But I had a court date and was not supposed to leave the state. Also, I was afraid that if I got stopped while […]

The Swamp

Before we get started, I’ve got something to say. When reading these hitching stories of mine, you may think these adventures happened all the time while I was on the road. Well, that’s not true. I was on the road five years and most of it was pretty mundane. Just moving around and meeting new […]

A Walk In The Park

A Reprint From 2019 Yesterday was Memorial Day. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the temperature perfect. So, I decided to take a walk in the park. It being a holiday, I knew it would be crowded. I prefer to have the place to myself, so I usually go on the weekdays. […]

Hermosa Beach

I have another one of my youthful adventures to relate. But this time I was not a victim. The trouble cascading down upon my very young shoulders was the fault of no one other than my ever-lovin’ self. I’d been travelin’ up and down the state of California for six months—between LA and San Francisco—hitting […]

John, Kris, & Me

I’m posting this at the behest of John Howell. (It didn’t take much arm twisting on his part. Although, I had to twist his arm a little to get him to request it.) I’ve told this story many times over the years, but that’s what old men do; tell stories from their youth. And why […]

Denham Springs, Louisiana

I have another story from my youth where things got a little dicey. But before I relate all the gory details, there’s something I wanna say. From my postings you’d think I got into one scrape after another while hitchin’ around. But that isn’t true. I was on the road for five years. During that […]

Georgia On My Mind

The few of you who know me know that I write books for a living. I’ve never been on the New York Times best-seller list, but I’ve been on Amazon’s more than once. The royalties keep me in booze and keep a roof over my head, both good things. I bring this up because, on […]