You Lucky People!!!

For the next three days my magnum opus Mahoney is on sale for a mere 99 cents. What a deal!!! Please don’t all of you rush over to Amazon to buy it all at once. The line forms on the right. Now, if ya’all will excuse me, I gotta go and read my reviews again (all […]

His Name is Trouble

His name is Trouble His aim is to drag me down His way is through the hooch He seems to be winning the fight I seem to be losing the fight Trouble walks the path with me Trouble speaks into my ear Trouble says it’s all gonna be fine Trouble makes me feel good Trouble […]

A Day for Dying

My man was killed yesterday—run down by a drunk driver while crossing a street. Henry was my life. Henry was my everything. He was a long way from home when he died. He should have been here with me, not out chasing money. It was me that drove him off. I was always going on […]

I’d Rather Not Plagiarize

There’s a story I wanted to write, but this guy tells it so much better than I ever could: Well I’ve seen the devil And I’ve seen the light And I know the difference Between wrong and right But there still are times When it’s so hard to tell If I’m going the wrong way […]

I Have No Time

  I have no time for the likes of the Kardashians. I have no time for Monday Night Football where young men have their brains turned to mush. I’m on a trek. I’m trying to make it to the light. I have no time for Twitter. I have no time for the inane. I’m just […]