Danny’s Training

Today I’m writing to my fellow dogs. I want to tell of how I trained my human, his name is Andrew. I started the training right away, right after I adopted him. We were in the back yard and I was running around sniffing all the wonderful scents and enjoying being a dog when Andrew called me over. He […]

Danny’s Misery

Morning folks, it me Danny the Dog. I’m here today to tell ya’all of my two days of misery. Perhaps I should start at the beginning., I mean the very beginning. Ever since I was a little shaver, my human has alawys kept me near. He worked for himself, so I could always go with […]


I heard his footfalls, as I do everyday. He stopped in front of my cell as he does everyday. He smiled his evil smile and said, “Are you ready boy?” Everyday I am given a task to complete. And if accomplished, I will be set free. However, the tasks are always inexecutable. “Today,” said he, […]

Hard Love

(With apologies to Leonard Cohen) As the man said, “I don’t have to be forgiven for loving you so much.” I need forgiveness for “not calling you soft enough.” There ain’t no cure for you babe, there just ain’t no cure. I say our love is soft because we make no demands on one another; […]

Black Haired Beauty

We were in love … so in love. It was summertime, it was the beginning of our lives. It was the end of our lives. She was a black hair beauty, loving me as no one has ever loved me. The time spent with her was so sweet. Her skin, her smile, her everything … […]


Johnny Donohue was my best friend when I was twelve-years old. During the summers and on Saturdays we would go fishing in the early hours of the morning. Because we would arise at 3:00 am, and meet shortly thereafter, we called it “Going fishing at three in the morning.” This particular Saturday morning when I […]


Michael was my friend. Michael died saving my life.  Michael row the boat ashore … sister help to trim the sails … the River Jordon is chilly and cold … chills the body but not the soul … the river is deep and the river is wide … milk and honey on the other side […]

Waiting For Greeneyes

I know it won’t be long, she’ll be here soon. Sitting here waiting for her gives me time to reflect on my morning. It has been a most interesting morning to say the least, I had never killed a man before. The man I killed woke up this morning as I did. He thought, as […]

Danny’s Friend Sam

Today I want to tell you about my friend Sam. He spent the night out on the town. He was running with some of his own kind and they made a night of it. But it wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted a home and a friend. He had been taken from his mother when […]

Danny’s Freedom

Hey guys, it’s me again, Danny the dog. I’ve just been reading a little Billy Shakespeare and listening to Kris Kristofferson. Genius will tell out. What got to me this day was how they both spoke to having nothing. Billy said, “Having nothing, nothing can he lose.” and Kris wrote, “Freedom’s just another word for […]