Waiting For Greeneyes

I know it won’t be long, she’ll be here soon. Sitting here waiting for her gives me time to reflect on my morning. It has been a most interesting morning to say the least, I had never killed a man before.

The man I killed woke up this morning as I did. He thought, as I did, that it would be just another day trying to make it in this crazy world of ours. How did our paths cross? Why did we converge, why today of all days?

I’ve never been in love before, not until I met Greeneyes. She is my first and only love, but she was married, she told me right off. As the relationship deepened, we knew that we would spend the rest of our lives together. We planned our future with wild abandon, we were fools because now there is no future.

As I walked out my door this morning I was confronted by a man, a big man. He blocked my path and said, “What makes you think you can fuck my wife and get away with it?” I was momentarily confused, but not for long. So this was “hubby,” the man I was going to replace.

I know now that I made a mistake when I smiled because it enraged him and he drew a knife from somewhere and tried to cut me. He had thirty pounds on me, but I’m fast. I grabbed the hand holding the knife and twisted it. The knife fell to the pavement and it was in my hand before I knew it. And before I knew it, the knife was sticking out of his throat. Blood everywhere.

Today Greeneyes and I were leaving, running away if you will.

Here she comes. She is beautiful and I love her so much. But behind her I see the police, they are coming for me.

I am covered in her husband’s blood and I will never see my Greenyes again once the police have me, I cannot live with that. I still have the knife and I raise it to my throat and slice hard and deep.

Laying on the ground with her horrified face above me I want to say something, but I cannot speak. The police are taking her away. It is getting dark, I can’t speak, but I’m sending my thoughts out to my Greeneyes, “I’ll be waiting for you my love.”

Then everything went dark. Now I am in a strange place waiting for my Greeneyes.

5 thoughts on “Waiting For Greeneyes

  1. I’m glad it’s fictive… so you can still write more stories 🙂 Amazing story again, although one of those in which you die at the end.


  2. Don’t end that story there, too short, I want them to continue,
    I want them to go off on adventures, blame it on somebody else.
    I can’t wait for your books, you are driving me crazy.
    Danny’s friend did it??


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