The Preacher

Standing on the graveyard grass, looking down at the freshly-filled grave, stood The Preacher, dressed in black and wearing a black, circular, wide-brim hat. There was not a headstone as of yet, but The Preacher knew the name of the occupant. It was his brother. Five days previously, he had murdered the man who now […]

I Saw Jesus

I saw Jesus the night before he died, the night before he hauled that damn cross up the hill. I ran into him outside that little bakery, the one across from the wine shop on the main street. He was sitting on the stoop, talking to a gaggle of children. He always did love the […]


Brother, help me please. Brother, I need to feel. I need my soul to weep. I need to cry for my fellow man. I need to feel his pain. I need to understand why we are so filled with fear. I need to speak out for the downtrodden. I need to love more. I need […]