Someone’s Been Ridin’ My Mule

Someone’s been ridin’ my mule. She ain’t the same no more. She kicks up a fuss when I try to ride her. She kicks up a fuss when I take her on into town. She’s always brayin’ at what I do. She ain’t never done that before. Someone’s been ridin’ my mule in the rain. […]

Just Trying To Get Home

Remember the Hermosa Beach story (posted 1/23/2023) when I got arrested in San Diego? Well, this is what happened right after John and I split up. I wanted out of California. But I had a court date and was not supposed to leave the state. Also, I was afraid that if I got stopped while […]

The Swamp

Before we get started, I’ve got something to say. When reading these hitching stories of mine, you may think these adventures happened all the time while I was on the road. Well, that’s not true. I was on the road five years and most of it was pretty mundane. Just moving around and meeting new […]

A Walk In The Park

A Reprint From 2019 Yesterday was Memorial Day. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the temperature perfect. So, I decided to take a walk in the park. It being a holiday, I knew it would be crowded. I prefer to have the place to myself, so I usually go on the weekdays. […]

Hermosa Beach

I have another one of my youthful adventures to relate. But this time I was not a victim. The trouble cascading down upon my very young shoulders was the fault of no one other than my ever-lovin’ self. I’d been travelin’ up and down the state of California for six months—between LA and San Francisco—hitting […]

John, Kris, & Me

I’m posting this at the behest of John Howell. (It didn’t take much arm twisting on his part. Although, I had to twist his arm a little to get him to request it.) I’ve told this story many times over the years, but that’s what old men do; tell stories from their youth. And why […]

Denham Springs, Louisiana

I have another story from my youth where things got a little dicey. But before I relate all the gory details, there’s something I wanna say. From my postings you’d think I got into one scrape after another while hitchin’ around. But that isn’t true. I was on the road for five years. During that […]

Georgia On My Mind

The few of you who know me know that I write books for a living. I’ve never been on the New York Times best-seller list, but I’ve been on Amazon’s more than once. The royalties keep me in booze and keep a roof over my head, both good things. I bring this up because, on […]