A Very Special Book Review: My Vibrating Vertebrae: And Other Poems by Agnes Mae Graham

Originally posted on Pen & Paper:
? Agnes Mae Graham’s beautiful collection of rhyming poems, My Vibrating Vertebrae, is stunning. Like a brilliant jewel, her poems will take your breath away. Moments ago, I read the last poem, and I couldn’t wait to review this book of poetry, that did take my breath away. Agnes…

Mister Finn

Mister Finn must die this night. Mister Finn has lived far too long. Mister Finn is an abomination. Mister Finn took my sister. He defiled her. He shall die this night. I await him in the darkness with knife in hand. I await his warm blood to be let loose, to flow onto me—as a […]

That’s When You Fall

When you first see her, that’s when you fall When you let her in, that’s when you fall When you feel, that’s when you fall When that first tear forms, that’s when you fall When she tells you that you are not the man she thought you were That’s when you fall And now that […]

A Conversation with a Friend

I was hanging out the other night at the Tiki Hut, minding my own business, when a voice behind me said, “Hey, man. What’s up?” I should first explain that the Tiki Hut is an edifice at the marina where I live. The denizens of said marina congregate there on occasion to commune with one […]

No Earthly Good

At dinnertime we talked about Charlie. He was somethin’ else. People always said that he was of no earthly good, but Charlie showed us all. Daddy shook his head, and as he cut his meat, he said, “You believe that about Charlie?” No one answered. Sister started to cry. I grew up with Charlie. He […]


Why do we all live in fear? And don’t deny it … there is fear in all our lives. Why do we hoard? Fear, that’s why. We’ve all seen those people on the hoarder shows. They’re so funny and pitiful. We enjoy laughing at them. But not so fast, my dear friends. Do you own […]

Night Moves

They are always with me. At times they appear out of the ethereal mist, and other times they speak directly to my mind. I wish they would leave me to myself … but that they will not do. No, first I must do their bidding. They come in the night and stay until the black […]