Georgia on My Mind

Georgia was my girl, she was my love. Georgia was taken from me. She is not of this earth now. Georgia awaits me in heaven. Georgia was killed by a drunk driver last spring. Now winter is coming on and the murderer still walks the streets. He has money and a very good lawyer. His […]

Searchin’ For You

When the night has come and the city is dark, that is the time that I leave my cabin. That is the time I go searchin’ for you. I look into the honky-tonks and I walk the streets knowing that one night I will find you. You have long black hair that flows over your shoulders. […]

Nothing But Blue Skies

I just flew in from Missouri. I was up there promoting my book. It’s kind of hard to promote something that is only virtual. But more on that later. I had something profound happen to me while I was there and I would like to tell you about it. I went to Mark Twain’s home […]

Danny and the Three Monsters

Hello dog fans, it’s me Danny the Dog! I haven’t been writing much lately because I’ve been helping my human, whose name is Andrew, look after three Labrador retrievers. What a nightmare! There is Chloe, she is fourteen months old, and then there is Beau and Hank. They are both four months old and they […]