Here’s the follow-up to the Everything’s Jake story. It’s two hours before dawn, moonlight shafts in through the open window. In a darkened corner, deep in the shadows, sits a woman. She has been sitting there for hours. She looks toward the bed. Lying on the bed is a man, a big man. The woman […]

New Orleans

Here’s another one of my stories from my youth. Not too much happened here, but what the hell, I’m gonna tell it anyway. I wrote this last night as a comment on my friend John Howell’s blog. So, if John doesn’t mind me stealing from his blog, here goes. If he he does mind, I’ll […]

John, Clark, & John

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, movies were the premier form of entertainment in our land. There was no Netflix, no streaming from YouTube, no Hulu, and definitely no checking out Kim Kardashian’s butt every week on television because there was no television. No Kim Kardashian, for that matter. Back in those […]

Ellen’s Long Shot

Here’s a story from my youth. I’m proud of this story. Not because of my sexual prowess. I’m proud of it because I finally did something right. I did something right with the help of a higher power. It wasn’t the first or the last time I did something right, but they’ve been so far […]

Hot Love

She passed him every day. He was young, well built … and he was handsome. Just her type. She had tried everything to attract his attention. She had dressed provocatively, she had loitered, she had even taken a pratfall hoping he would come to her rescue, but some busybody stuck his big nose into her […]

The Righteous and the Holy

What are we to do about the righteous and the holy? Lord, please tell me. Some of ’em hurt my head. Some of ’em are evil. Some of ’em are real. How do I tell the difference? Yes, I see what you’re saying, Lord. If they preach fear and hate. If they yell from the […]

Cornbread and Beans

Been livin’ off cornbread and beans for a while now Been livin’ off cornbread and beans Ain’t gonna be treated this way no more Ain’t gonna be treated this way Gonna do somethin’ about it, right quick Gonna do somethin’ about it Gonna git my gun, my big ol’ .44 Gonna git my gun Gonna […]