I Once Had a Girl

I once had a girl, her name was Karina. She was from Norway, but we met in New Your City at a jazz club on the West Side. My friend Lane had dragged me there; he told me that the sax player would really send me. I know, that is 60’s lingo, but Lane was […]

Turkey Shoot

On a cold December morning in 1890 with snow on the ground, three hundred and fifty unarmed Lakota Indians (120 men and 230 women and children) were massacred at Wounded Knee Creek by soldiers of the 7th Cavalry, Custer’s old outfit. The Congressional Medal of Honor was awarded to twenty-three men of the Seventh. This […]

Three Steps

I am three steps from meeting my maker. Three more steps to the noose. I am ready to die; I think I deserve to die. I have killed before, but never for such a frivolous reason as brings me to these last three steps. The whole mess started down El Paso way when I walked […]

Danny’s Latest Adventures

I just got in from walking my human; his name is Andrew. I, of course, am Danny the Dog, purveyor of wit, words and wisdom. Many a time I’ve kept you engrossed with my wondrous tales of taking Andrew for his morning constitutional to the park; however, I’ve been remiss in not regaling you with […]

Green Grass

The sun shines down on the world, on the trees and on the green grass of my home. God is in his heaven and I lie in my grave. Two years ago, I killed a man, I thought for love. I killed him out of fear, out of fear of losing my love. But I […]

Ease My Mind

It’s the 12th of June and I am going to die. We all die at some point, but knowing your death is imminent, it changes your complacency about the matter. My name is Bill Rogers, yes the Bill Rogers you’ve been hearing about. However, you have to know something . . . I did not […]

Danny and the Toad

  Danny the Dog here with another tale of lust and depravity, oh wait, that’s Andrew’s bailiwick. Andrew, for the few of you who don’t know, is my human. My stories have to do with the finer things in life. Such as rolling on the grass, sniffing where another dog has peed and most important […]

Danny Wants to Play

This is another report from Dannyland, and I’m Danny or to my fans, Danny the Dog. Today I’d like to tell you what happened this morning after I walked my human. As most of you know by now my human’s name is Andrew. We live on the “Asun,” that’s the name of our boat. She’s […]