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dawn-004Life Giver

Once upon a time, I spoke with God. It was a short conversation and He did most of the talking.

I swear this is all true. Here is an abbreviated version of that event.

The year was 1968. I was eighteen years old. I was in the desert of Arizona, hitchhiking back home to Miami from California when, late in the afternoon, an old, blue pickup truck stopped and offered me a ride. The man driving was an Apache Indian just a few years older than I. His name was Jimmy. And seeing as how it was getting late, he invited me to spend the night with him on the reservation.

After we ate, we walked out into the dark desert and sat upon a small hillock, looking west to where the sky was an electric orange as the sun kissed the earth. I laid back and closed…

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Danny’s Friend Chuck

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

AndrewHello, my name is Andrew and I am Danny the Dog’s human. I will be writing his story today because Danny went to the beach with his girlfriend. He wrote about her a while back, so you know all about her. Danny has asked me to tell you about Chuck the Wonder Dog. This is a true story.

Chuck roomed with a human by the name of Jeff. Now Jeff is a good enough guy, but we have different outlooks on dogs. Jeff thinks dogs should be well trained while I take a more lackadaisical approach to dog training. Actually, Danny has me pretty well trained after fourteen years of being together. Anyway, when Chuck and Jeff first got together, Chuck was just a puppy and Jeff started right in on the training. Once the basics were covered, he began teaching Chuck to count. Yeah I know, but Jeff…

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Barb Taub

Interview with Andrew Joyce. And Danny the Dog.

Today, we’re sitting down with the authors Andrew Joyce and Danny the Dog for a joint interview. Andrew is the author of Yellow Hair and Danny writes a monthly column to keep his legions of fans informed as to his latest adventures. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Thank you for agreeing to do this interview.

AJ: It’s a pleasure to be here.

DtD: Me too . . . I guess.

Tell me a little about yourselves and your backgrounds?

AJ: I’m a writer, which surprises me greatly. For the first three years of my writing career, I never referred to myself as a writer. It was only when the royalties started coming in and I could quit my day job that I dared think of myself as such.

dannyDanny the Dog.

DtD: I’m a dog.


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Advice for Writers from a Reader Who Loves to Support Writers: Guest Chris Graham (TSRA)

Rachael Ritchey

Hey all! Happy day! I’m so excited to introduce to you (and you to) Chris Graham aka The Story Reading Ape as a guest on the blog. Chris is a super supporter of authors and if you haven’t you’d do well to swing over and follow his blog. Chris offers so many free services to authors as well as helping with book design. He’s encouraging and helpful, scowering the world of blogs for worthwhile information to share too. I appreciate his hard work and his dedication, not to mention his insights. And today he’s here to answer some questions and offer some helpful advice.

Thanks for coming over Chris!

Chris Graham, Guest to the blog:

My thanks to Rachael for her kind offer to post an article from me – also for the challenge she set me for the topic:

  • From a reader standpoint, offer some advice, maybe something…

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A Young Man


Through no fault of his own, a young man is thrust into a new culture just at the time that culture is undergoing massive changes. It is losing its identity, its lands, and its dignity. He not only adapts, he perseveres and, over time, becomes a leader—and on occasion, the hand of vengeance against those who would destroy his adopted people.

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Guest Post: Thirty-Eight Nooses Hung From The Crossbeams / Andrew Joyce


Andrew Joyce left high school at seventeen to hitchhike throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. He wouldn’t return from his journey until decades later when he decided to become a writer. Joyce has written five books, including a two-volume collection of one hundred and fifty short stories comprised of his hitching adventures called BEDTIME STORIES FOR GROWN-UPS (as yet unpublished), and his latest novel, YELLOW HAIR. He now lives aboard a boat in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with his dog, Danny, where he is busy working on his next book, tentatively entitled, MICK REILLY.


My name is Andrew Joyce and I write books for a living. Allie has been kind enough to allow me a little space on her blog to talk about my latest,Yellow Hair.


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Yellow Hair documents the injustices done to the Sioux Nation from their first treaty with the United States in 1805 through Wounded Knee…

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Marie Story


This little girl has a sensational blog about children’s picture books. Besides that, she is a good egg and I like her. So I’m asking all my 1,523,698 fans to go to her blog and “follow” her. And Danny likes her too. So that should be enough to get you over there and click on the follow button. If not, I’ll tell Danny on you.

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