Guest Post: My Experiences as an Au Pair

Originally posted on MiddleMe:
One of the pushing factors that kept me going on publishing useful articles in MiddleMe is that I get to be in the midst of the many talented writers in the blogosphere. Many of these talented writers have a story to tell. My friend aka fellow writer, Annette Rochelle Aben shared a…

One Word

I’ve been angry all my life. Everyone was always out to take from me. I’ve never had any friends. Even when I was in high school, the other kids would go out to lunch together while I sat by myself, just off the school grounds, and felt the loneliness that had become my life. On […]

My Lover, My Life

She comes to me in the terrifying night when I need her the most She is there by my bedside, in the morning, to start me on my day She is warm, she is enveloping She owns my body She owns my soul She is my lover I put her in the old bent spoon […]

I’ve Never Seen Her Cry

All my poems cry into the wind. All my words … all my dreams … are like leaves in a storm. As I leave her behind, she starts to cry. I’ve never seen her cry. I’ve never looked into her eyes without getting weak in the knees. I’ve never kissed her without chills going up […]

Where I Long to Be

  I long to be in a place of peace. I long to be where I can be me. I long to be in a place of contentment, a place where I feel love from those around me. I long to be where the sun shines, where tides rise and fall with the phases of […]

An email to Close Friends

Hey guys. What’s happening? What? You wanna know what I’ve been up to? I’ve been just sittin’ here … trying to kill myself. No … no. Don’t get crazy on me. I’m doing it slowly. It’s more fun that way. I’ve been trying all my life … to end my life. I mean, I threw […]

Just Saw This Advertisement

I have only one thing to say … and that is STOP!!! Stop writing. If you are as bad as what is pictured above, please, please stop. Shut off your computer and get a book or two or three. Start reading. Get a little Steinbeck or a little London into your soul. If you don’t […]