Book Review of a Very Funny Book

Where to start? I actually laughed out loud while reading this enjoyable book. I bought it because the title caught my eye. As usual, I put it on my kindle and promptly forgot about it. Then, a few nights ago, I thought maybe I should check it out. Well, that was it! I’m not saying I read it in one reading because I didn’t. But over the next few days, I pulled out my kindle every spare moment that presented itself.

The top 10 lists and the wonderful stories about her family while she was growing up were among my favorites—the stories about her father in particular.

However, I have one question. Why is she allowed in the attic to watch television while her poor deprived children have to make do with books? Another question: Ms. Taub, how were you able to bring Joseph Kony in to your very, very funny narrative? I doff my hat to your genius.

I was impressed that she wrote for the Wall Street Journal (pre- Rupert Murdoch).

I’d recommend this book to anyone without hesitation.

Eau d’baby puke indeed!


A Tale of Romance – Guest Post by Zoe The Fabulous Feline…

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A Tale of Romance

Greetings, my friends. It’s Zoe the Fabulous Feline here. It’s February, the day before Valentine’s Day, and I have for you a romantic tale to warm your cockles. I’m not sure what “cockles” are—I’m a cat, after all—but I’ve heard the word and it tickles my fancy.

Just as an aside, my human, Emily, was looking over my shoulder and read the above. She is good at giving unsolicited advice, and so she promptly advised me that I should not use words I do not understand. She went on to say that the correct expression is “warms the cockles of my/your heart.” She then further explained (much to my chagrin) that cockles are the ventricles of the heart.

Well, not actually the ventricles,” says she. “It is more precise to say that the word cockles is a bastardized version of the Latin name for the…

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How the fuck can anyone take anyone who supports Trump (at this point) seriously. Are they not the very definition of stupid. My fucking God! My goddamn dog had more sense than a Trump supporter.
I mean, really … don’t you want to slap anyone who thinks Trump is great. He’s tearing families apart … he’s doing so much harm … but that’s cool as long as he makes some people some money. As I asked you before .. where does one draw the line?
Some people would feel so at home in 1930s Germany.
Fuck them … fuck their horses … and may they roast in hell for all eternity.
Jesus said I shouldn’t have said that. But he doesn’t have to live in a Trump world … so fuck him too!!!

Zoe’s New Year’s Eve…

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Zoe’s New Year’s Eve

My name is Zoe, I’m a cat, and I’m here today to talk to you about New Year resolutions. I’m an indoor cat so I don’t get out all that much, but I have, on occasion, managed to escape the confines of my imprisonment. The warden . . . that is, my human, Emily . . . is not as all-knowing as she thinks she is. Anyway, back to resolutions.

This past New Year’s Eve, while the humans in my household were wearing funny-looking paper hats and engaging in silly human behavior, I made the “great escape.” I wanted to see my friends, Burt and Bella. Burt is a street cat, and Bella is a neighborhood dog and my best friend. Yes, I know; cats and dogs aren’t supposed to like one another. But that’s a false construct, perpetrated by the insidious cartoon industry—Tom and Jerry…

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Zoe Shares Her Space…

My kind of poetry.

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Dear friends, I hope you don’t mind, but my human, Emily, apparently needs some attention. She asked if she could take my spot this month to show off share something she wrote recently. I thought, Yeah, why not? I can use a break. So, I’m sharing my space so she can share her poem. And, without further ado, here it is. Now excuse me . . . I’m going to go chill out in my condo.

Unjust Desserts

Sitting cross-legged on a concrete bench

Taking in the action just beyond the fence

He watches the bustle, pinstripes abound

And children playing, they fall on the ground

Miniskirts taunt him, smiles on a face

Tease him with heels and a hint of lace

No girl in his corner, no warm memories

Of deep secret kisses or silky panties

He wants to be cool, he wants to take part

Something is hurting…

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