Outta Commission for the Duration

Okay, here’s the story. Being a storyteller I can’t help myself. I was about an hour and a half into the woods on a beautiful Sunday morning. The sky was clear, the air brisk, and the birds were singing their morning songs for all the world to hear. Then I came along. I was making my way down a tall stone (about as tall as as I am) situated at a 45 degree angle. My foot slipped on some wet moss or algae. Anyway, it was green. When I came down, I heard a loud CRACK! I looked down and my left foot was at a 90 degree angle from my leg. It was pointed in a way it should not have been pointing. My first thought was that I should move it back in place before the pain set in. So, I reached down and took foot in hand and moved it back into place as far as I could. It was still 30 degrees outta plumb, but what the hell. I just so happened to have a cold Heineken on ice in my backpack, so I popped the cap and took a long slow swallow. Lying flat on the ground, I called 911. They pinged my cell phone and eventually found me. Once at the hospital, putting my ankle back in place before the surgery was a fun experience. And here I am.

The End