Danny Escapes

FREEDOM! At long last, I was free for a short while today. I’m Danny the Dog and I write about my adventures in these pages. For the neophytes in the crowd, I’ll explain that I live on a boat with my human (whose name is Andrew) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. To set this story up […]

No Earthly Good

At dinnertime we talked about Charlie. Charlie was somethin’ else. People always said that he was of no earthly good, but Charlie showed us all. Daddy shook his head as he cut his meat and said, “You believe that about Charlie?” No one answered, sister started to cry. I grew up with Charlie. He was the […]

A Sleepy Delta Day

It was a sleepy delta day and I was out in the field, picking cotton, down in the lower forty. Momma came to me with the news. My man killed himself. Billy Joe was my life. Billy Joe was my everything. He was a long way from home when he died. He should have been […]

In the Early Morning Rain

I have a longing in my heart. I have a yearning in my soul, as I stand here in the early morning rain. I’d best be on my way, but the thought of you keeps me here. I was leaving this town cause I could find no work. I am down to my last dollar. […]


Three men come together in the town of Redemption Colorado. Each for his own purpose. Huck Finn is a famous lawman not afraid to use his gun to protect the weak. He has come to right a terrible wrong. After his wife’s death, Tom Sawyer does not want to live anymore; he has come to […]

Danny Gets Rained On

  I’m in a foul mood today, so this communiqué will be short. It’s been raining for three days and three nights, and one more day of this miserable weather and I’m going to have Andrew build us an ark. Well, maybe not, seeing as how we already live on a boat. “We” being myself, […]

Danny Goes to the Beach

What a time I had yesterday! I went to the beach with my human. Good morning, I’m Danny the Dog, teller of tales, bon vivant, all around good dog and lover of hotdogs. And oh yeah, my human’s name is Andrew. Now that you know the players, on to my story. As I’ve previously written, […]


Jesus H. Friggin’ Christ! Why do you people always put the “H” in there? I don’t mind the friggin’, but my middle name was not Harvey or Howie. In fact, my name was Jesus Bar Joseph (Jesus, Son of Joseph). I need to set a few things straight, if I may. Are you ready? One, […]

Danny, Suni and Pirri

I had a surprise visit today from two old friends. Just in case you do not know who I am, I’m Danny the Dog. I live on a boat with my human; his name is Andrew. My friends’ names are Suni and Pirri. Suni is a fine looking human and Pirri is not so bad […]