Georgia On My Mind

Georgia was my girl, she was my love. Georgia was taken from me. She is not of this earth anymore. Georgia awaits me in heaven. Georgia was taken from me last spring as she crossed a street. She was killed by a drunk driver. Winter is now coming on and the murderer has still not […]

I’m So Afraid of Dying

I’ve been a long time livin’, too long I’ve been a long time hurtin’, too long I need to feel somethin’ good, for a change I need to feel the touch of another, for a change Sometimes I’m so lonely, so blue Sometimes I just wanna die, I just wanna There’s gotta be a better […]


Love is never spontaneous. Love takes work. Love, over time, grows strong like a mighty oak. No sapling is Love. Love is soft and low. Love is hard as a rock. Love is not words. Love is action. Love is showing. Love does not have to be spoken. Life without Love is a long, lonesome […]