Danny Introduces a Friend…

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Good morning, everybody. It is I, your favorite dog, Danny the Dog. I thought I’d do something a little different this month and not complain about my human, Andrew. He was very pleased to hear that news and even gave me an extra turkey slice…

Hot Love

She passed him every day. He was young, well built … and he was handsome. Just her type. She had tried everything to attract his attention. She had dressed provocatively, she had loitered, she had even taken a pratfall hoping he would come to her rescue, but some busybody stuck his big nose into her […]

New #Review for #Vampyrie: Origin of the Vampire

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This is my second thrill of the day! Vampyrie: Origin of the Vampire received another 5-star review. Luna Saint Claire, author of the thrilling novel, The Sleeping Serpent, has posted her review to Goodreads and Amazon.  Luna is a costume designer and author who loves Indie music, has an eclectic bohemian style, and studied…

In the Early Morning Rain

In the Early Morning Rain (With apologies to Gordon Lightfoot) I have a longing in my heart—a yearning in my soul—as I stand here in the early morning rain. I’d best be on my way, but the thought of you keeps me standing here—in the early morning rain. I’ll be leaving this town ’cause I […]

The Preacher

Standing on the graveyard grass, looking down at the freshly filled grave, stood The Preacher dressed in black and wearing a black, circular, wide-brim hat. There was not a headstone as of yet, but The Preacher knew the name of the occupant. It was his brother. Five days previously, he had murdered the man who […]

The Green Grass of Home

The sun sends its warm rays down onto the world, onto the trees and onto the green grass of my home. God is in his Heaven as I lie in my grave—my home of two years. I killed a man. I killed him out of fear, fear of losing my love. But I lost her […]