In the Early Morning Rain

In the Early Morning Rain

(With apologies to Gordon Lightfoot)

I have a longing in my heart—a yearning in my soul—as I stand here in the early morning rain.

I’d best be on my way, but the thought of you keeps me standing here—in the early morning rain.

I’ll be leaving this town ’cause I can find no work and I’m down to my last dollar.

I have nothing; I am nothing, so I cannot approach you. Instead, I stand here in the early morning rain and look to where you live. I want only one last look at you and then I’ll go—one look at you through a window—in the early morning rain.

I have nowhere to go and no one waiting for me when I get there. But the vision of you in my heart will sustain me, if I can only see you one more time—through the early morning rain.

I’m a long way from home, in miles and in time. I’ve been alone forever. I thought I needed no one, but now after having seen you but once, I find myself in the early morning rain with an aching in my heart.

There you are! You passed by the window, it was only a glimpse I had of you.

Now I’ll be on my way—in the early morning rain.



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13 thoughts on “In the Early Morning Rain

  1. Rain, rain, love the rain! I live in the sunshine! Rain is a nice change! Thoughts about your post… I’d be the dry, compassionate one in the window. Might offer an umbrella to the aching heart standing in the rain. 🎶 Christine

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