All the Women Think I’m Fine

All the women think I’m fine All the women, when they see me, want me I’m walkin’ down the street They can’t get enough of me I’m smilin’ my smile They can’t get enough of me I’m strutting my stuff They can’t get enough of me I’m drivin’ my short They follow me down the […]

Hard Love

Our love was a soft love because we made no demands on one another; our lovemaking was soft and sweet. She was soft and gentle, and she gave me her soft and gentle love. ***** I’ve been on the dodge for two days now. There are men looking for me—who want to kill me. It’s […]


Here’s the follow-up to the Everything’s Jake story. It’s two hours before dawn, moonlight shafts in through the open window. In a darkened corner, deep in the shadows, sits a woman. She has been sitting there for hours. She looks toward the bed. Lying on the bed is a man, a big man. The woman […]

Hot Love

She passed him every day. He was young, well built … and he was handsome. Just her type. She had tried everything to attract his attention. She had dressed provocatively, she had loitered, she had even taken a pratfall hoping he would come to her rescue, but some busybody stuck his big nose into her […]

A Low-Down Dirty Shame

It’s a low-down dirty shame how I feel every night It’s a low-down dirty shame how I feel every morning It’s a low-down dirty shame how you make me feel My life’s just a low down dirty shame I’m gonna do somethin’ about it I’m gonna make changes The next time you rag on me […]


I have  no alibi, not that I need one. They were three men, three men who did not matter. It was late last night and I had a thirst. I was out for beer. All I wanted was to slake my thirst. Instead, I took three lives. Do you think I set out to kill? […]

Danny and the Crab

Howdy folks, it’s been a while since we’ve talked and I have a lot to tell you. My human and I have been having some fine ‘ol adventures. Well, maybe fine is not the exact word I’m looking for. But we have been keeping busy. I’m Danny the Dog and my human is called Andrew. […]