Cold Water


If we pollute our air, if we poison our water how will we live? How will our children live? Kill our mother earth, how will we survive?

To some it does not matter. All that matters to these souls is that profit is made; that money is deposited into an account.

The road shines bright . . . can you see the light? It shows the path . . .  the path that Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Gandhi and Mohammad tried to lead us down.

Another old soul that tried to show us the way was Henry Thoreau. His message was “simplify.”

Why do we need so many physical accoutrements?  Why do mothers have to work and not take care of their young ones?  Is it to buy things not needed and when bought put in a storage facility after tiring of the thing bought?

We here in America have so many unneeded material possessions we have to pay a monthly fee to house them for us. There is a storage business on almost every corner in America.

This is only a short missive to throw cold water on your worldview. Live your life … enjoy the sunrise … look to what God had wrought. As long as you eat daily … as long as you are dry when it rains … as long as you love and are loved … what more is needed? All we need is love … to give and to receive … all else will follow.

As my friend Little White Dove would say, “Many blessings upon you.”