Georgia On My Mind

Georgia was my girl, she was my love. Georgia was taken from me. She is not of this earth anymore. Georgia awaits me in heaven. Georgia was taken from me last spring as she crossed a street. She was killed by a drunk driver. Winter is now coming on and the murderer has still not […]

She Was Born

She was born a free spirit. She was the most beautiful woman in all the world. Her name was Maria. She touched me . . . she loved me. I was not worthy of her love. But she loved me nonetheless. Then one dark night she was taken from me. It’s now early morning. I […]

A Day for Dying

My man was killed yesterday—run down by a drunk driver while crossing a street. Henry was my life. Henry was my everything. He was a long way from home when he died. He should have been here with me, not out chasing money. It was me that drove him off. I was always going on […]

Bless My Soul

I’m so in love. She is so fine. I don’t give a damn what anyone says. She’s my girl. She’ll always be my girl. I met her in church. I was on my knees praying for forgiveness. She sat down next to me. Her smile … her eyes … set me free. My soul was […]

Bye, Bye Baby

I wake up every night ’bout midnight. I just cain’t sleep no more! I cain’t sleep ’cause my woman’s driving me crazy. I told my woman a long, long time ago she was gonna drive me crazy. To keep my peace of mind, I’m gonna have to kill her this night. I’m walkin’ the dark […]

She Was Born

She was born a free spirit. She was the most beautiful woman in all the world. She loved me and I loved her. Her name was Maria. Her soul told my soul that I was worthy of her love. She touched me . . . she loved me. Then she was taken from me. It […]

Three Steps

I am three steps from meeting my maker. Three more steps to the noose. I am ready to die; I think I deserve to die. I have killed before, but never for such a frivolous reason as brings me to these last three steps. The whole mess started down El Paso way when I walked […]

Beauty and the Beast

Once upon a time, in a far off land, lived a princess. She was beautiful to look at and her every wish and whim was carried out by her court. If she desired something it would appear no matter the difficulty in obtaining it or who had to die. Her father, the king, had brought […]