Danny and the Midnight Marauders

It was a dark and stormy night. Andrew was fast asleep in our boat. I was on the dock patrolling the perimeter. When I’m on guard duty, I am always vigilant and on my toes.

They came out of the darkness. There were at least thirty of ’em, and they were all armed to the teeth. But they didn’t scare me, no sir! I stood up to them, and for every blow I took, I bit at least three of the villains. And when the fur had stopped flying, there were bodies strewn everywhere. And those not lying on the dock were in full retreat.

Okay … okay already! Andrew is giving me the evil eye. He’s always saying I can’t tell lies when relating one of my adventures. Well, he said barefaced lies. Whatever!

I reckon I’ll listen to him this one time and tell you what really happened. But I’m still the hero.

It was around about midnight. I was asleep and dreaming of turkey slices. (It was a good dream. In it, I was running through a field of turkey slices and eating every one of them.) Then I heard a noise and sat up. There was some guy, a stranger, walking right up to our boat, just as fancy as you please. Well, I wasn’t going to take that, so I barked at him. He did a U-turn and made a hasty departure. And that was the end of it.

You know … I wish Andrew would stick to his own story-telling and let me do mine. It sounded a whole lot better when I defeated thirty killers.

21 thoughts on “Danny and the Midnight Marauders

          1. Danny was certainly special, but I’m sorry to hear you’re not interested in another dog. I know you have your reasons.. I had to browbeat my husband when our last feline companion died and I felt the desperate need for another furry companion. He didn’t want the work involved. We got Garfield from the pound and now he’s thinking we should get a kitten to keep him company. And so it goes…


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