I’m So Afraid of Dying

I’ve been a long time livin’, too long

I’ve been a long time hurtin’, too long

I need to feel somethin’ good, for a change

I need to feel the touch of another, for a change

Sometimes I’m so lonely, so blue

Sometimes I just wanna die, I just wanna

There’s gotta be a better life awaitin’, for me

There’s gotta be somethin’ more than I have, anything

There’s only one way to find that somethin’

That is to move on

But I’m so afraid of dying

6 thoughts on “I’m So Afraid of Dying

  1. I am sorry I did send you an email when you ask me.
    I have so stressed, so much going on .
    I still read everything you write ,
    Have a Wonderful Day
    Joyce Little White Dove

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  2. It’s interesting that you posted this. I just sent my brother a lengthy email pondering the same subject in regards to my sister who just passed away. I think it’s natural to ponder our demise., especially as we get older and closer to it’s inevitability.

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