What a Deal!!!

You get Danny the Dog for a lousy 99 cents. And maybe a few laughs along the way. Order now while there are still a few left. Oh, wait. It’s an eBook, so there’ll be plenty. And please don’t order the paperback. At $25.00 it’s rather expensive. I think Danny would want you to save your money (after you buy the eBook) and spend it on something worthwhile. Like beer … or whatever pleases your fancy.

21 thoughts on “What a Deal!!!

  1. A great little book. and a great deal. Here´s my review in case you need more incentive.
    “For anyone who has ever had a dog, or even if you haven’t, you will enjoy this fun book. Danny is an extraordinary pouch who writes blog posts. He has his human trained well and, although he makes fun of him, he loves him a lot. It was so funny at times I had to read parts of it to my hubby. We both agree he is hilarious. I love how Danny takes his human for walks and totally ignores him when he calls his name. Danny is a very friendly, social dog, who knows everyone in the neighborhood. This book is well worth a read.”

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