Brother, help me please.

Brother, I need to feel. I need my soul to weep.

I need to cry for my fellow man. I need to feel his pain.

I need to understand why we are so filled with fear.

I need to speak out for the downtrodden.

I need to love more.

I need to put my fears aside.

Brother, help me.

Brother, lift me up.

I need to see things clearly.

I need this fear in my soul to go away.

Brother, reach in and take this fear.

Brother, throw it away.

Brother, please, please help me.

I need to love.

I need to be loved.

I need to belong.

Brother, take me in.

Brother, I love you.

13 thoughts on “Brother

    1. All my life. I’ve been a travelin’ man, stayin’ alone, doin’ the best I can. I met a girl, I couldn’t get her off my mind … I was scared to bother around her house at night …
      My name is Rambler … I think I’ll travel … I think I’ll let her be…

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