Mister Finn

Mister Finn must die this night. Mister Finn has lived far too long. Mister Finn is an abomination.

Mister Finn took my sister. He defiled her. He shall die this night.

I await him in the darkness with knife in hand. I await his warm blood to be let loose, to flow onto me—as a sacrifice. I wait with death in my soul, in my being. With my own hand I shall dispatch Mister Finn to the other side where he shall be judged for his wicked deed, where he will be condemned to hell.

Sweet Death awaits Mister Finn this night.

It is his time to die.

As I slit his throat, as his life bleeds out—I smile. He cannot speak, but his eyes beseech me—beg me—with the question: Why?

I will not give him the satisfaction of an answer. Let him ponder the “why” for all eternity.

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