Why do we all live in fear? And don’t deny it … there is fear in all our lives.

Why do we hoard? Fear, that’s why. We’ve all seen those people on the hoarder shows. They’re so funny and pitiful. We enjoy laughing at them. But not so fast, my dear friends. Do you own a storage shed? Do you rent a unit at a storage facility? Is your attic filled with worthless stuff that you’re never gonna use?

Why do we hold on to all that crap? Fear, that’s why. We are afraid that there is just not enough. And by keeping what is essentially trash, we can live in the contented bliss of having just a little more than our neighbors. Having something material and finite, when something intangible, such as love, would enhance our lives in so many different and wonderful ways.

Why do we give money to an over-bloated military machine when that money could go to feed the hungry? Fear, that’s why. But what is there to fear? The U.S. military is the mightiest in the history of the world. We spend more treasure on defense then Russia, China, England, Germany, France, and all the countries of South America combined. And still it’s not enough?

Why do we elect demagogues who promise to protect us by hurting others that are not like us? Fear, that’s why. We all profess to be loving individuals. But not so much when it comes to our fears.

Why do we walk by a homeless person begging for a few coins? Fear, that’s why. God forbid that our hands might touch as we hand over a quarter. He might have a disease. Or perhaps we judge him for his addiction. We are so much better than that wretch, and any contact with that miserable excuse for a human being will assuredly diminish us. May he rot in hell for his transgressions!

Why do we shun any discussion of death? Fear, that’s why. We all fear death. But why? We are righteous people. Assuredly, we are all going to Heaven. We all want to go to Heaven, but not right away, if you don’t mind. Could it be that there is something … a very little something … within our consciousness, within our souls, that tells us we might not be as righteous as we think we are?

Why do I write drivel such as this? Fear, that’s why. Fear I might sober up and have to confront my own fears.

16 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Our fears are different depending on our current situation. Currently, I’m alone and fear to die alone. That doesn’t make sense, but even if we have loved ones next to us, we still are alone with our death. So why fear?


    1. Chuck, we are NEVER alone. We are a part of the WHOLE. One millisecond after we pass over, all our love ones are there, clapping us on the back, laughing with us, and welcoming us home. NO SHIT! Read some books on Near Death Experiences. Start with Dr. Raymond Moody’s “Life After Life.”

      P.S. Whatever you BELIEVE is what you will experience after death. After we got all that bullshit out of the way … we come to the realization that we are a fragment of God. We look back on our just lived life and say, “That was a trip. Now, I’ll rest up a while and then jump back in and do something else. Because I want to experience BEING to the fullest.

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