After twenty months of writing, researching, and editing, I’m ready to spring my latest upon the world. I’ve priced it at only $0.99 for a short while so my fans (all three of you) can buy it, read it, and hopefully enjoy it. If you do enjoy it, please leave a review. They sure help with sales. I’m gonna thank you all in advance because I think I earned myself a beer … or two.

27 thoughts on “Finally!!!

  1. “Mahoney” is as good as it gets! i won’t be surprised to see awards coming in… Julie Anne is a fast reqder – I’m guessing she reads a book a day. She loves reading and has since she was six-years old. First-rate writing, Andrew. You’re among the best! ♥

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  2. Hi Andrew
    Congratulations on staying with it and getting it out. Now you have more time to shoot more pictures of mud puddles. I look forward to reading Mahoney.

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  3. I’m aboard the Archimedes getting sea sick but on my way to America – gonna build a new dynasty of Mahoneys…compressed in a top bunk with 26 inches of clearance to the ceiling and five bunks below me, listening to grunts, crying, squeaky bulkheads, and odors you can’t believe…miserable beginning of a long voyage! BUT, the book, “Mahoney” is a must read for history buffs…a damned good book, well-written, and with a great pace… I’ve got my 99 cent kindle and already know I’m giving this puppy a 5-Star spanking! Kudos, Andrew! Now, go have several beers plus throw in a vodka shot! ♥

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        1. An Incredibly entertaining piece of Andrew Joyce Magic . . . my Fave so far . . . Reviewed on Amazon as of yesterday or the daay before not sure lol


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