A Time to Search My Soul

I’m sittin’ here thinkin’.

I’m sittin’ here wonderin’

I’m just sittin’ here hurtin’.

It’s time.

The time has long since passed.

It’s time I searched my soul.

Why has it taken so long?

How did I fuck up so bad?

How the fuck did I get here?

Time is short.

Time is always short.

I see the man with the scythe.

I see him coming my way.

I wanna go out standing up.

I don’t wanna go out like this.

I need one more day to get it right.

One more hour.

One more minute.


Okay, Motherfucker.

Let’s go.

But just know.

As sure as I’m a miserable sinner.

As sure as I blew it this time.

I’ll get it right the next time.

I pray to God I do.


6 thoughts on “A Time to Search My Soul

  1. Andrew, so where are you “up north?” Sounds as if you’re into another introspective time in life with these words. Always have a way of telling it like it is! It happens to all of us. We think of all the things we’d do differently the next time. Putting all those crappy thoughts aside, enjoy the space you’re in right now, my friend! 📚🎶 Christine


  2. Hey friend
    Looks like you made it through another winter up north. David and I are enjoying all your photos.
    We are thinking about a road trip this summer heading in your direction.
    Waiting a new story to read.
    Your friends in the houseboat


    1. Jesus H. Fuckin’ Christ!!! Great to hear from you. Any chance of you coming up here without David?
      You guys are getting one of the first books off the presses. Maybe in a month. It’s been a long haul.
      If you gotta bring David, then that’s okay … I guess.


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