A Study in Mud Puddles

Muddle Puddle

Mud Puddle

Mud Puddle

Mud Puddles

21 thoughts on “A Study in Mud Puddles

  1. Looking at these puddles brings me back to my childhood when puddles were fun to play in. Now I find I avoid them like the plague. LOL! No one washes my clothes anymore. Ha! Ah to be a kid again, no worries. Great puddle pictures, Andrew!

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  2. Hi Andrew,
    They are thought-provoking pictures and I would think with some effort you could make a story out of the images. But in my opinion, either you have been out in the sun too much, drank too much, or need to come back to SE Florida. 😳Preferably the latter.

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    1. Thanks. I have no time for writing stories nowadays. I’m on the homestretch of my latest and I’m getting bogged down in the mud, so to speak. Anyway … your true-life stories outshine anything I could ever come up with.

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      1. Thank you. That is a real compliment coming from a writer as yourself. I wish my sales were like yours. My last book “Guilt – My Companion” is stagnant and I can’t figure out why. Maybe someday it will take off. BTW I’m also working on a new book too. I’m going to post about it. I hope you will make a comment. Thanks.


        1. I written six books to date. From the beginning I did everything I could to generate sales … all that marketing bullshit. And it worked, but it took time away from writing. I finally got to a place where I don’t give a fuck anymore. “I’m gonna write for myself,” I said fourteen months ago. Hence, I stopped my marketing, and as a result, I’m not selling very many books.
          I still want people to read my shit, but I don’t wanna jump through hoops to just to get people on board. Having said that, I’m gonna jump through every hoop known to man to get people to read my new book. I’m such a hypocrite.
          When I first started writing, a friend told me it’s about the process of creating, not the sales. I told him he was full of shit. My books were gonna be best-sellers and Hollywood would be breaking down my door wanting to option by work. Yeah … right!
          Anyway, my friend was right. I love writing (most of the time). So now I just do it for myself. I’d like to say that it’s better than sex … but it’s not.

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  3. Lovely to see the sky and the trees in the ground! I must remember to look in more puddles, but first it has to rain here. My favorite water-related scene is swimming in my pool in the rain – the droplets hitting the water and the ring of water they create are such fun!

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