I’ve Lived and Died So Many Times

I’ve died many times … so many times. I’ve lived so many lives, too many lives. I am tired of this existence. I remember one life, many eons ago. Men feared me. Men paid tribute to my magnificence. I existed as a small deity. Then, in my fiftieth year, I took sick and died. I soon found that all I held dear in that life was as nothing. My life had been a dream … a sham.

I remember my life as a serf, indentured to the land. I never did have a full belly in that life. My loved ones died of disease and hunger. But it did not matter. We were not harmed. We could not be harmed. We were not our bodies. We were … and are … so much more.

We returned in new bodies, in new lands. We fought for property. We fought for riches. We fought and killed for nothing. We yearned for the tangible. We yearned for immortality in the physical. We wanted it all without knowing that we already possessed everything there was to possess. We were immortal and did not know it.

In time, I incarnated as a cripple, a poor wretch. In that life I was closer to the godhead than I had ever been. I learned of love in that life, I came to realize that I had lived so many lives in fear. That was the first life in which I started on the path of love, forsaking the path of fear.

Now, here I am … now, here I am. I am not of this body. I am a part of the entity we call god. I have only to remember my birthright. I have only to love.

I have many more roads to travel before I may rest. I have many more lives to live before I become pure love.

I have lived many lives working to become Love personified. I’ve died many times, so many, many times as I crawl back to our Father.

One day, I shall rest. The day will come when I’ll never be born … or die … again. On that day, I shall shine as pure Love. On that day, I shall stand with God, my Father.

33 thoughts on “I’ve Lived and Died So Many Times

  1. Hi Andrew 😊 I’ll never forget the words of yours when my dad died… They were really so helpful to me. And I really hope you are right…

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  2. Hi Andrew,
    You are revealing another side of yourself. I never studied reincarnation or spiritualism. I’m ignorant on the subject. I’m old fashion and hold on to traditional Christian theology. However, I do find it intriguing that man’s spirit, soul, etc. can live on different conscience levels. Whether we call it heaven or whatever, I believe there is more to our lives than it’s current existence. Whether there are connections between our current existence and the next remains a mystery for me. Welcome back to posting. How is the book coming?

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    1. Just remember: We choose our lives. Sometimes we choose one that is inherently tough because we have things to learn or maybe it’s a karma thing. Karma is not a punishment. It’s how the universe rights itself … stays on an even keel, so to speak.
      One more thing. In the scheme of things, our lives are as one millionth of a blink of an eye in duration. It’s the accumulation of lives that gets us evolved.


  3. I imagine many souls incarnate today have already come full circle and are here to help humankind move into the Golden Age of Enlightenment. I don’t see us as separate from the Divine, but rather pieces of the Divine making our way back to wholeness, back to supreme integrity. As I read this, I found myself longing to go home; and yet, I know home is found within. Your writing always moves me, Andrew ❤

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  4. Very wise post…For years now, I “wrestle” with “entities” coming from a different plane, both light and dark, positive and negative….Over here, in Belgium, I don’t talk about it to many people…I don’t want to be labeled as a “lunatic”….After having published (traditionally) more than 35 novels, I would like to write a “personal” novel about this sometimes terrifying, sometimes uplifting experience…It’s hard: I have to find a format that is personal enough, yet veiled enough….I want to mask the personal in an enticing story, and I wonder if, at 65 and after all these books, I still have enough “fire” in me to make it work….Thanks for sharing, Andrew…..

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  5. If there’s a way I can cheat the system, I’ll send you guys a message from that other dimension…I’ve done a pretty good job on this plane! I’ve read “Tao De Ching” several times, and Andrew’s ‘take away’, I’m thinking, is as close as one can get…

    Hurry, John, get the book done – does it involve John Cannon?

    Oh, one last thing, Andrew and John, don’t forget the Micro Biologists are working on those ‘micro medical tanks’ that are injected into the blood to cure cancer, ‘arthur’, diabetes, et al, and create new cells…we could be talking ‘Immortals’ here!

    If they figure a way to bring me back, I’m depending on you guys!!! 🙂 ♥♥

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    1. I really wouldn’t want to live too long. There’s another adventure awaiting us just over the horizon. And look at it this way: If we don’t have a body, we won’t get sick. We will never get stuck in rush hour traffic. We won’t have to eat to survive. No going to the bathroom. No Monday morning blues, no freezing in winter, no sweating in summer. And so on … BUT … we take all the good stuff with us. We take with us all the love we have ever known … and have ever given. And that is the only good and important thing in this whole goddamn life.

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  6. Outstanding post, Andrew. It takes a lifetime to get to the point where one understands lifetimes and how we fit in as merely a grain of sand, a moment in time. Make the most of it while we’re here.

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    1. You know, my dear friend, Jennie … my point was, we don’t have to make the most of it while we’re here … because we are always here in one form or the other. In one body or the other. However, I gotta tell you one thing. My life would be just a little less than it is if not for your support and affirmation of the stuff I write. So, I’ll say it right here and now … thank you.

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      1. Andrew, your point was spot on. I hate trendy phrases, but that one fits. Thank you for your kind words. Oh, how I embrace what you write. I’m glad to know my support and affirmation are a good thing for you. Never forget what a good thing your writing and words are for others. Really. I doubt you realize the impact you have on many, so I’m telling you. Best to you, Andrew.

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  7. In adding up all the big death/pain/love stuff, you are leaving out the main thing—fun. Maybe the rest of that stuff is going to happen, maybe even over and over. But maybe, just maybe,, our job isn’t to keep suffering. Maybe it’s to embrace joy and life NOW. To have a bit of fun with the journey. At least, I hope so. Otherwise someone has a very sick sense of humor.

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    1. It’s all fun. I guess I didn’t convey what I was trying to say very well. (I blame it on the vodka.) We aren’t forced to come back time and time again. We come back because it’s a blast! We experience things that can only be experienced on the physical plane. We start out as infant souls thinking we are separate from all else. Then it’s baby, young, mature, and finally old soul where we come to the realization that we are all ONE. At that point we leave the physical behind and go on to the astral, which is middle school. Then the casual plane, which is high school. Then blah, blah, blah.
      It’s the Grand Play. As I said below: it sure beats the hell outta the conventional perception of heaven. (Is that a pun?)
      I don’t know about the rest of you poor souls, but I’m enjoying this damn life. I wouldn’t trade it in for anything … except maybe my next life … and then the one after that.

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  8. Great post, Andrew! You never disappoint… You’ve posted a subject I’ve embraced… Wish I could remember a book I read years ago about a Psychiatrist in Calif hypnotically taking patients back to previous lives – many case studies! As I remember from the book, we keep reincarnating until, in the final afterlife the aura color is ‘purple’ – signifying we had reached the ‘light’ – no more to reincarnate! I found it an interesting read! If I can find it, I’ll send it along.
    All the best, Andrew. ♥

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    1. Yeah, I read it. But once we finish on the physical, we start our work on the astral. Then it’s on to the casual, akashic, and buddhic planes. And each of those planes have seven levels … seven rungs on the ladder, so to speak. When all that is done, we reunite with the Tao. In essence, we become God. Then we’ll probably start the whole play all over again. I mean who wants to sit on a cloud playing a harp forever. How boring. Going out and working our way back is where action is.

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    1. My take on it is, it’s more like remembering than learning. Each life is lived to remember where we came from. Sometimes we make a little progress … sometimes not so much. But it doesn’t matter. We can’t get lost on the road. There are no exits and it’s a one way street. Even Hitler will make it to the next rest stop, which we call the astral plane. From there the adventure continues. We are fragments of the Whole … of the ONE … and we’re all working our way back to the Tao.

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