Book Review of a Very Funny Book

Where to start? I actually laughed out loud while reading this enjoyable book. I bought it because the title caught my eye. As usual, I put it on my kindle and promptly forgot about it. Then, a few nights ago, I thought maybe I should check it out. Well, that was it! I’m not saying I read it in one reading because I didn’t. But over the next few days, I pulled out my kindle every spare moment that presented itself.

The top 10 lists and the wonderful stories about her family while she was growing up were among my favorites—the stories about her father in particular.

However, I have one question. Why is she allowed in the attic to watch television while her poor deprived children have to make do with books? Another question: Ms. Taub, how were you able to bring Joseph Kony in to your very, very funny narrative? I doff my hat to your genius.

I was impressed that she wrote for the Wall Street Journal (pre- Rupert Murdoch).

I’d recommend this book to anyone without hesitation.

Eau d’baby puke indeed!

4 thoughts on “Book Review of a Very Funny Book

  1. I can’t say enough thanks for this wonderful review. LOVE you Andrew!

    But I can say that the TV in the attic was so that my children would learn to love books, to write, and to communicate with other human beings. Also, I really don’t like TV. This strategy didn’t work for a number of reasons:
    1. They grew up physically incapable of walking past even a catfood commercial.
    2. They developed the family book addiction that resulted in entire houses full of books, from which we were only saved by some discreet 12-step program intervention and the arrival of eBooks.
    3. Several of them opted for careers as writers, with accompanying financial rewards such as day jobs where they professionally inquired, “And would you like fries with that?”

    (And what’s not hilarious about Joseph Kony?)

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