How Can You Go Wrong for $0.99?

39 thoughts on “How Can You Go Wrong for $0.99?

  1. Just got my copy, Andrew! Sounds like a fascinating read! I will share with my husband! He may love you after reading it!! LOL! Congrats and wishing you much success! After reading the review of it, I was sold! One word said it all, “Wow!” 😆


  2. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Andrew Joyce has a new book out. Ellis.. One Man’s Remarkable Life – From a rich tradition—from a fearless and audacious heritage—came forth a man who would be the embodiment of the Gloucester fisherman.

    Ellis Hodgkins caught his first bluefin tuna at the tender age of fourteen, using only a hand line. It weighed 750 pounds. He did it by himself, fishing out of a ten-foot skiff. That feat earned him the title of Boy Wonder in and around Gloucester.

    For those who marvel at the deeds of the men of Wicked Tuna, Ellis did it all before those guys were born.

    This is the true story of one man’s remarkable life—a life lived on its own terms. Head over to Andrew’s post for the link to buy #TunaFishing

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