How the fuck can anyone take anyone who supports Trump (at this point) seriously. Are they not the very definition of stupid. My fucking God! My goddamn dog had more sense than a Trump supporter.
I mean, really … don’t you want to slap anyone who thinks Trump is great. He’s tearing families apart … he’s doing so much harm … but that’s cool as long as he makes some people some money. As I asked you before .. where does one draw the line?
Some people would feel so at home in 1930s Germany.
Fuck them … fuck their horses … and may they roast in hell for all eternity.
Jesus said I shouldn’t have said that. But he doesn’t have to live in a Trump world … so fuck him too!!!

46 thoughts on “Really?

  1. I am still surprised at how people are surprised every time Trump does something stupid, unheard of, ridiculous, degrading… Why are you surprised, people? This is who got “voted” into office. We all knew what kind of a person he was when he ran for president!! If you haven’t woken up after a year of this bullshit, you never will!! Anyone could have predicted the outcome of a president like this. Yes, I know, you thought it wouldn’t be this bad, you wanted to give him a chance, you tried to think positively… Ha!

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  2. Following my parents’ example, I have been a lifelong Republican! I thank God they are not here to see the Republican Party of TRUMP! I have changed my political party to DEMOCRAT!! The MAJORITY of 2016 Voters were RIGHT! HILLARY CLINTON would have been a MUCH BETTER PRESIDENT than what we are suffering with now. The possibility of Special Counsel Bob Mueller leading Mr. Trump from the Oval Office in HANDCUFFS is something to look forward to! I hope his Subpoena of Mr. Trump’s Tax filings, showing the influx of RUSSIAN MONEY into his businesses will be EVIDENCE of Obstruction of Justice.

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    1. Trump is going to fire Mueller and the Republicans in Congress will back him up and we’ll go about our business. Short of Michael the Archangel swooping down, riding a fiery chariot, throwing lightning bolts at the son-of-a-bitch, we’re in for a rough ride. You should have registered as an Independant. The Democrats aren’t much better.
      Thanks for stopping by.


  3. As my daughter would say after such a rant, “now tell us how you really feel”. I had to laugh at this because so many of us are just holding our collective breaths and wondering if he cuddle Kim Jong-un at night and sleeps with Putin. The three stooges of darkness. I know a lot of people who thought that was a good way to go. Most of my friends are shaking their heads and wondering how the world got as dumb as it did in Germany. Yes, it felt like a replay of an old script with different characters. All plays must come to an end. I hope it’s soon.

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  4. Hahahaha..
    don’t take it out on god Andrew…

    Sometimes he loses control of the devil and he has to let it play out while he works on his comeback and resolution…

    A little patience..
    The shit is about to hit the fan.. and explode.. so get ready to cover your face.. and duck…

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    1. Hey … I like God as much as the next guy … and His message is kinda cool. Love and all that shit. But … really? This reminds of Abraham and when he was commanded by God to sacrifice his son, Isaac. I mean, really? Why does God gotta fuck with us?
      Okay, okay … I’ll offer up my first born. But please … motherfucking please … don’t ask me to live in a Trump world.

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      1. Hahahaha..

        I’m actually in your corner..
        I have no place in this trump world..

        But like Abraham..
        I don’t fully understand why he wants us to..
        but try to trust that he will eventually solve it for us..
        and hold my head down in the meantime and hide behind you..

        Waiting for the climax…


        1. The joke is that we ARE all God. We are but fragments of the godhead. That is why I can tell Jesus to go and fuck himself because I am he and he is me. Stand up and be the God that you are.
          P.S, I don’t trust nothing in the Bible. That ain’t God speaking. It’s just a bunch of bullshit words some guy pulled outta his ass two thousand years ago. I don’t need nothing between me and my god. I talk to Him directly. Fuck the Bible and the horse it rode in on!

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          1. Hahahaha..
            I find you so hilariously funny 😆…

            When I know you are dead serious…
            But logically I have to agree with you..
            as to what is true and what is not..

            I write true stories too .. but sometimes I pad it a little to make it more interesting and exciting..

            So.. question mark????????…

            And I do the same thing you do…. talk directly to my god..

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  5. Yeah. I knew he was going to be bad. I just hoped he was going to focus on getting rich and wasn’t going to destroy too many lives while he was at it. Fat chance. And I had no idea that the Republican Congress was crowded with so many whores. I’d leave this country if I didn’t have children and grandchildren here. This is going to take a generation to fix. Nice rant, Andrew. ❤

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    1. I acknowledged it. But most of those were criminals. Things are different now. This is not Facebook, so I don’t want to get into a discussion. But I do thank you for reading my post and I appreciate your comment. I wrote the above while “slightly” inebriated. I might say things a little differently this morning … but the passion would still be there.
      Thanks again for stopping by.


      1. Oh yeah, I meant to ask you…I know about Facebook (of course) and I know about passion (meoooow!), but–what does “slightly inebriated” mean?

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  6. Oh my, loved your post so much! I felt a little like Meg Ryan in “When Harry Met Sally” screaming – “YES, YES, YES, YES, YES” to everything you wrote! I am a firm believer in what Bill Maher’s belief about the American Public – THEY ARE STUPID!! I think we have all the proof we need in the outcome of the election of 2016!!!

    Just came upon something you might enjoy, if you haven’t found it yet (something to pass on to your followers! REPUBLICAN JESUS – search google and I think they told me Facebook too! Come visit me! I think you may enjoy my post “Message for America”


  7. Andrew, you sealed it this time. I was a big fan of yours before, now I’m a bigger fan. I too can not figure the ‘Trump Base’. Base? A base of Sh** for brains. If you leave a comment on FB in opposition, they come out of the woodwork like cockroaches. It goes beyond my understanding how anymore can be so blind. I agree with Tina, the females that support him are they so dominated by their ‘Angry White Men’ husbands they can’t think for themselves? In my opinion, Trump won because the female vote wasn’t organized. Second, the ‘Angry White Men’ would have voted for anyone other than a female (and they did). Too many stayed home thinking he would never win, so why vote. I hope they are happy now. Now the question, what can we do to get rid of him. God help us if we have to put up with him for a full term. Thank you for giving us a forum to rant and scream. Since you opened the door, let’s have more of this discussion. 😎

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  8. Holy crap! I wish I had the gall to speak out with such profanity! And yes! I want to slap them hard and yell, WAKE UP!!! What really slays me are the middle-class women who think he’s America’s savior. Have they no compassion for and identity with the myriad others of their gender whom he’s assaulted? And don’t get me started on the idiots who think they’re getting a terrific tax break. Man, are they in for a rude awakening a year or so from now. They all need to read Timothy Snyder’s handy dandy little book, On Tyranny. I likened Trump to Hitler on a friend’s recent FB post; and would you believe that a woman replied to my comment by asking where I was getting my information? Trump supporters are like horses with blinders on ~ running fast from fear and headlong over a cliff. Thank you, my friend, for providing a forum in which to rant with abandon ❤

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    1. He thought he could do and say anything he wanted before he was president (grab “them” by the pussies comes to mind). He’s a piece of shit. I was gonna call him an asshole, but that would be an insult to assholes.


        1. I’m easy that way … besides … she was a dun of exceptional beauty. She had won the four furlong race at the track that day. We were celebrating and things got out of hand.
          I don’t want to talk about this anymore … she left me for a stallion and broke my heart.

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