Naked Before the Sun

I stand here naked before the sun. There is no place to hide. I wear my sins as a cloak for all to see.

I’m on my knees, begging for forgiveness.

Although, what I have done in this life is unforgiveable.

Her name is written on the skein of time and space.

I sit here in my drunken stupor and regret so much.

There is so little time … so little time.

Soon I’ll be dead and gone.

How long before my sins are forgiven?

When my bleached bones wash up on a distant shore?

When she who I have wronged and demeaned is in heaven?

If I could … I would go back and undo what I have done.

Know this … my karma will follow me into the next life. Hopefully, once there, I will be allowed to make amends.

I loved you … I loved you … I loved you so much. And I am so goddamn sorry.

23 thoughts on “Naked Before the Sun

  1. The somber tone curls the toes and make memories vivid! Surely, you could share a vodka with me as we stagger and weep together… Beautiful, spontaneous, and poignant! Quite obviously from the heart… See you next life with John Howell – Vodka and Willett and my Rum ought to do it! ♥

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  2. Well, isn’t this a party…. Actually, I was rather moved by this I could see someone reading it and felt the “catch” in their throat and the tear escaping by running down the side of her face. You have a way with words, has anyone ever told you that?

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