Prologue from “Stranger Abduction” (A novel by Billy Ray Chitwood)

Here’s something good and interesting. And the back story is heartbreaking. To lose a manuscript and have to start from scratch is more than I could endure.

The Author's Mission


Stranger Abduction is out of the oven – edited, re-edited, ad infinitum, and I wanted to write a bit about the book and present the prologue…you can let me know if you like or don’t like what I’m sharing with you. Just be gentle and remember, I’m part of your reading and writing family…and, your elder.

This is the second time I’ve written this book…let me explain.

In the 1980’s, on an 80-acre non-working ‘Lazy Rabbit Ranch’ in southeastern Arizona near the ‘town too tough to die’, Tombstone, I began writing on a Starwriter 60 word processor my ‘Bailey Crane Mystery Series’. There were to be seven books in the series, with five inspired by true events. At the ranch I completed three of the ‘BC Series’ (except for final editing), neatly put the manuscripts’ pages in boxes, and moved to the beautiful cobalt waters of Mexico’s Sea of Cortez. STRANGER…

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3 thoughts on “Prologue from “Stranger Abduction” (A novel by Billy Ray Chitwood)

  1. Thanks, Andrew, for reblogging Billy Ray’s post. I enjoyed the Prologue to Stranger Abduction immensely! The imagery of the discussion between the “ugly American” and the Mexican “ringleader” was really good; dialogue was realistic. I’ll have to check it out. Kudos, Billy Ray, and best wishes for success!

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