This is What I’m Talkin’ About

HugI got a lot of words, but this guy has action. I got goosebumps when I read this.


10 thoughts on “This is What I’m Talkin’ About

  1. One of my favorite books is The Shack. The father couldn’t accept that Papa didn’t allow his little girl’s death, Papa said until you stop carrying the anger and hate you won’t understand my love for you. Love not hate leads to strength and harmony. When will the madness stop?

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  2. My sister lives near the college and dreaded this event. The college didn’t even want this Spencer guy there, but he slapped them with a lawsuit. It cost the state over $500K to secure the city against anything that could possibly happen. This is my sister’s email to me:

    “We survived — the guy got boo’d and boo’d and boo’d. The auditorium was half full and most of those in attendance were in protest to him. ABC news did a report on it. There was a couple of fist fights but it didn’t trigger anything beyond that.

    A really cool thing that happened is that some UF students initiated a virtual seminar on bridging the gap between people who have different views with respect and kindness. They scheduled it the same time as Richard Spencer’s presentation. Our local news showed clips from it and it was actually very good. So some positive things happened.

    Sooo, hopefully the night will be quiet. Love you”
    I was worried for her but we are relieved that UF handled it well.

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