Another Puddle


10 thoughts on “Another Puddle

  1. Hi friend, Just to let you and the guys on the marina know that we here in Ireland and thinking about ye and hoping that you are over the worst and survived, (take more than a hurricane to put you down. Good luck!

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      1. I don’t know about staying in the Electric room. Remember there will be at least a 10ft. storm surge. That would put anything around the docks underwater. Pack your bags and head for Tallahasee. I was here for Hurricane Andrew (Cat 5). Not pretty.


        1. Upgraded to Cat 5 today. With Chuck’s note here, very worried for you, Andrew, and for all my friends in the marina. A boat can be replaced, but a life…?….and you, never! (Besides, we’ve got two books to get out…so get your ass somewhere safe, please!) 🙂

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