An Important Message for all Danny The Dog Fans.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

In case you were wondering why Danny The Dog wasn’t making his usual visit to respond to all your comments under his post yesterday, I regret to tell you that it was his last posting.

Danny died last Tuesday (18th July 2017)

His human, Andrew Joyce sent me the following eulogy:

My name is Andrew.

Until recently, I had the distinct honor of cohabitating with a true wit and an all-around good guy, Danny the Dog.

But now that the summer’s gone and all the flowers are dying—when all the sunshine was in shadow—he had to leave me. Oh, Danny Boy, I love you so. Sleep in peace until I come to you.

Now that I’ve plagiarized the song Danny Boy, I’ll have a go at Shakespeare.

Friends, bloggers, lovers of Danny, lend me your ears.
I come to praise Danny, not to bury him.
The bad stuff dogs do…

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12 thoughts on “An Important Message for all Danny The Dog Fans.

  1. Danny el guapo, …. cuánto te echo de menos. When a friend is gone, something dies inside our souls…that’s another beautiful song for you, william and danny…. by the great Alberto Cortez “Cuando un amigo se va”. The second song is again by Alberto Cortez and it is an homage to the mutts, the beautiful and smart street dogs “Callejeros”…like danny, lannie, pirri and so many others

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  2. I understand all those sad photos now, Andrew. Dogs have a special way of carving into our hearts. I’m was so sorry to hear of your loss and glad that you two had each other. Danny’s little life was well lived and well loved. ❤

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  3. Such sad news, Andrew. Danny had a special place in your life and posts and will be missed terribly. Now I know what the sad cloud posts were all about. Peaceful thoughts for you! 🎼 Christine

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  4. Danny-boy, give ’em hell up there in doggie heaven, or out there somewhere, in the celestial campgrounds reserved for cute canines. You have been–and will always be–sorely missed. I may be crying now, but when those initial clouds pass, I will laugh at the memory of your antics and smile at the photos of your adorable face. For your human has ensured that you will live on, forever in our hearts. ❤

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