Writer’s Block – Guest Post by, Andrew Joyce…

Check this guy out. What a loser.

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I have stopped writing. It’s been almost two months now. I’ve written a paragraph here and there, but that’s all. My new story haunts me in the night. During the day, it calls out to me. It needs me, its creator, to give it birth. But I refuse its entreaties day after day.

My characters beg me to complete their being, to give them the life they so richly deserve. I brought them into this world and it is not fair to leave them hanging, so to speak.

Why am I not writing? Is it because I don’t know where next to take the story? Or is it that I am just too goddamn lazy to go to work? It’s got to be one or the other—or so I thought. But this morning, I had an epiphany.

I write all my stories in my head before I type the first…

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10 thoughts on “Writer’s Block – Guest Post by, Andrew Joyce…

  1. I hear you. I’ve been here for the past couple of months and the root cause is the same: fear. Fear of not measuring up. Fear that I can’t create anything worthwhile.

    I’ve been taking deep breaths and telling myself that this too will pass.

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  2. Andrew,
    I listened to your podcast with Annette. I can’t imagine you being a loss for words (he giggles). With your experiences, you have got to have a hundred stories to draw on. I’m new to writing, so I don’t judge, I learn from the experienced like yourself. With this said, it is comforting to know even the best get bogged down occasionally.

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  3. So some guy writes only 491 words today and tells the world he suffers from writer’s block? But if he writes 491 words a day for 365 days, that figures out to 179,215 words. Figure the average octavo hardback novel contains more than 80,000 words, That figures you’d write two entire novels in a year, which is a good score for Hemingway or any other ace.

    My advice: Shut up and get to work. You one ‘o them apes hopes to live forever, or what?

    And while you’re at it, find me a nice, fat young Cornish hen.


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  4. Andrea, honey, chickie, sweeite, bay-bay, relax and allow yourself to regroup! You got this. Besides, I hear tell, that Danny has been sniffing around for a ghost writer for his adventures… you know a book of bow-wow stuff. 🙂

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