Colleen’s Book Reviews – The 2016 BOOK AWARDS

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I have been reviewing books for a couple of years now but never had the time or opportunity to do an annual awards post. 2016 has been filled with so much to be thankful for that I decided to recognize some of the books and authors whose writing made an impact on me, with the hopes that someone else will read these same books. It is a way that I can pay forward some of the enjoyment that I have received and recognize some outstanding Indy authors.

First, I must share that at the drafting of this post, I have read and reviewed a total of 63 books in 2016. That in itself is quite a feat! If you are looking for last minute Christmas Gifts, this is the place to SHOP!

Here’s how I chose the winners of my 2016 Annual…

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14 thoughts on “Colleen’s Book Reviews – The 2016 BOOK AWARDS

      1. Agreed. The message touched me profoundly. I grew up in Wisconsin and remember many of these same stories. Yellow Hair really touched my soul. ❤


      2. Different types of historical fiction, where Resolution is more action/adventure so you would expect it to be a page-turner. But I do agree that Yellow Hair has an incredibly important message, one that you presented in an incredibly laudable way. Just my two cents.

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