A Young Man


Through no fault of his own, a young man is thrust into a new culture just at the time that culture is undergoing massive changes. It is losing its identity, its lands, and its dignity. He not only adapts, he perseveres and, over time, becomes a leader—and on occasion, the hand of vengeance against those who would destroy his adopted people.

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13 thoughts on “A Young Man

    1. That’s great, Noelle! I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how relevant this story is with the Dakota Pipeline disaster–with the same unacceptable treatment being given those Native American protestors as the government gave them back in the 19th century. We haven’t learned a thing. (Hey, listen, I’m just a cat, what do I know? Emily asked me to say that, and I hope I got it right–oh wait, she has one more thing to say – she says that Andrew wrote a book that’s both interesting and educational, that if her professors had been half as interesting, she would’ve paid a lot more attention back in the day.)

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