The Cowboy that Loves You so True


You have to walk that lonesome valley for yourself. Or that is what I thought until I found you.

I was heading down-trail—that lonesome trail—all alone. I was gonna make my own way.

I was once so lonely . . . I was once without you.

Now you are my life.

’Twas a feelin’ . . . ’twas something that brought us together. ’Twas love.

I ain’t much for words . . . I’m just a saddle tramp.

Tomorrow, I head out for the drive to Abilene. I’ll be punchin’ cows and eatin’ dust for a thousand miles. But I’ll be thinking of you every mile of the way.

Round the fire at night while the other boys are swappin’ their lies, I’ll be thinking of you.

I am the cowboy that loves you so true.

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