Danny and Maui

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Danny and Maui

20160213_071822I’m back! It is I, Danny the Dog, everyone’s favorite dog. I took a few days off from my writing chores so my human, Andrew, could use the computer. He had to work on some book he’s writing. I told him I’d do it for him, but no, he told me that I don’t write in his style. Well duh! I could have told him that. My style of writing is so much better his.

If I remember correctly, I once told you how fearless I am. And I am fearless. However, I have a story to convey that I am not proud of. I was not going to tell you about it, but Andrew says that if I’m going to write about myself, I have to tell of my foibles as well as my strengths. I didn’t know I had foibles, but if I do, perhaps…

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