Danny & Andrew (Part Two)

Another story from my stupid dog.

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Good morning, dog fans. It is I, Danny the Dog, back to make your humdrum lives bearable with one of my astounding stories. However, I have no larger than life adventure for you this time. All I have to relay is the rather prosaic goings-on between my human and myself.

As most of you should know by now, my human’s name is Andrew and he can be a pawful. He takes a lot of looking after and a lot of training. And his preaching! It never ends. So (as they say) without further ado, here is today’s narrative.

Those of you who have been following my exploits for some time now will know of my affinity for hot dogs. Yummy! And as you should also know—if you were paying attention—is that Andrew gave me a hot dog every morning after I had taken him for his…

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6 thoughts on “Danny & Andrew (Part Two)

  1. Okay, Danny, smart dog you are! You’ve got Andrew wrapped around your little paw! Ya know, I don’t blame him. After all you are his loyal companion, and turkey is good for you! Woofs & Wags from Charley & Sammy. 🐶 They agree with their human, 💛 Elizabeth!


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