She Was Born


She was born a free spirit.

She was the most beautiful woman in all the world.

She loved me and I loved her.

Her name was Maria. Her soul told my soul that I was worthy of her love.

She touched me . . . she loved me.

Then she was taken from me.

It was morning. The sun still hid its light beneath the horizon.

I awoke because of the sound.

The scream.

The horror.

I ran to where I thought the screams originated. But dreams can fool you.

I was alone.

Maria had died the day before.

It does not matter. We all die. We are all born with a death sentence.

It was I who found her body.

Her eyes looked into mine, but she did not see me.

As I looked at her broken body, I knew that was not her.

Her essence had fled to another part of the universe.

She was my love.

Now he must die.

I retrieved my gun and went in search of my brother.

He was where I knew him to be.

I raised the gun and stuck the barrel into his ear.

His brains sprayed out

His blood formed a red mist that floated in the air for a moment.

He was gone.

But his death did not bring back my Maria.

Now I will join her.

The gun barrel feels right in my mouth.

I pull back the hammer.

My hand is on the trigger.

My mind is on Maria

My finger squeezes the trigger.

I am no more until my essence is reborn.

Maria will find me.

Love is like that.

Andrew Joyce’s Molly Lee

4 thoughts on “She Was Born

      1. I worked for Crisis Hotline and took a lot of suicide calls. What I know is that our feelings are our feelings, like it or not and no one has a right to argue with or criticize your feelings because even we cannot change them. We can overcome them but we can’t change them. Your poem represents a convoluted situation and people want a clean solution with a happy ending. Acceptance is the only solution because it is not our right to judge. “Never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes”. I think your poem is an important one and reminds me of the song, “The night the lights went out in Georgia.”


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