Bye, Bye, Baby


I wake up every night ’bout midnight. People . . . I just cain’t sleep no more! I cain’t sleep because my woman is driving me crazy. I told my woman a long, long time ago she was gonna drive me crazy. To keep my peace of mind, I’m gonna have to kill her tonight.

I’m walkin’ the dark and empty streets with gun in hand. I’m lookin’ for my woman.

If she’s with another man, I’ll kill him too.

Bye, bye little girl . . . tonight you die.

Bye, bye lover . . . bye, bye.

I see you through the window at Mose’s Place. You have on the red dress I bought you last year. You’re sittin’ with another man.

I ain’t got nothin’ to lose. I open the door and step inside.

The music, the cigarette smoke, and my sorrow assault me.

I know what I have to do.

You’re laughing at something he has said as I walk up to the table. You are having a good time. I’m happy for you.

Bye, bye baby.

The first bullet takes off half your lover’s head.

I take my time firing the next bullet. I want you to know that you are gonna die.

Times slows, I see the fear in your eyes. Your face is splattered with your lover’s blood. It goes well with your red dress.

Bye, bye baby . . . bye, bye.

Andrew Joyce’s Molly Lee

8 thoughts on “Bye, Bye, Baby

  1. You didn’t borrow Stinky Peterson from Red Green, did you? I hope for your sake that they weren’t smokin’ cheap cigarettes. I hate cheap cigarettes. If I encountered a cloud of cheap-cigarette smoke, I’d have to leave too quick to bother with killing anybody.

    I got it real bad for people sitting at a table eating oatmeal cookies, though.



  2. My god Andy…you just wiped out Pastry Pete the confectionary king…and the surprise birthday party your good lady wife was arranging for you with a half a dozen ranch hands from that old Montana ranch the Double Deuce, you guys used work on back in the day. She reluctantly used her favorite red dress you’d bought for her, as payment for a humdinger of a reunion party for Stinky Pete Peterson, Cottonmouth Keith Ketchum, Randy red Reddison, T bone Taylor to name but a few. The good ol’ boys banded together and bought back that dress so she could wear it special like on the nite of the party…if’n I just ain’t jus’ got nothin’ ta say no more, even that’s be too much…..


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