Andrew Working

Still slaving away—as you can discern from the accompanying photo. The novel should be out by April, 2016.

An excerpt from RESOLUTION:

With the stove going great guns and the coffee almost ready, Huck opened the door to see what the outside world looked like. He beheld a sea of white—three feet deep with drifts twice as high, the sled, buried, nothing showing excepting the handlebars, abandoned buildings striving to reassert their supremacy over the landscape, but failing—a sea of white silence that stretched to the ends of the earth.

Jass hobbled up on his crutches. “Looks like we’ll have to take to the ice. We’ll never make miles if you have to break trail for the dogs. Maybe in a day or so, mushers going down to Dawson will have trampled the snow for us. But until then, we stay on the ice.”

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